[Mailman-Users] Trouble with Mailman Web Admin Interface

Matthew S. Barnes msb at ichp.ufl.edu
Thu Nov 18 23:59:25 CET 2004

Hi All 
I am having trouble with the admin web interface on a new install of
Mailman version 2.1.5 (mandrake 10.1 )
The problem is that whenever I save anything using the list admin
webpage the server returns an internal error
originally I thought it was due to changing hostnames for the box (after
installing mailman) and after reading these posts and following the
directions here:
 I am still getting the errors. 
Other than not being able to add email addresses or otherwise use the
admin web interface , IE changing list settings, everything else seems
to be working fine. I was hoping to get a few hints on what I might have
misconfigured or maybe where to look? 
I have been thru mm_cfg.py and all looks good
#  site-specific settings below this line.
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'lists.ichp.ufl.edu'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'lists.ichp.ufl.edu'
MTA = 'Postfix'

I deleted and recreated the lists just to be sure and still same problem
stopped restarted mailman and postfix and apache after tweaking the
I tried to run 
#./withlist -l -r fix_url.py -a 
but doesn't seem to help (maybe im not running it right?
this is why I just blew away the list and started over but the admin
interface still throws an Internal Server 500 error when I create new
lists and go in and try to change things..
any help is greatly appreciated
Matthew S Barnes (FTC/SS/DV) 
Network Administrator 
Institute for Child Health Policy 
Epidemiology and Health Policy Research
5700 S.W. 34th Street Suite 139 
Gainesville FL 32608 
Phone: (352)392-7745 
Cell:     (352)226-0955 
Fax :    (352) 265-7221 
Email: msb at ichp.ufl.edu
Help:   helpdesk at ichp.ufl.edu
Web:   http://help.ichp.ufl.edu <http://help.ichp.ufl.edu/> 

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