[Mailman-Users] Help: PTR record and ISP blocking...

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat Nov 20 10:44:20 CET 2004

At 9:31 PM -0700 2004-11-19, Rodd Ahrenstorff wrote:

>  Should I have my ISP drop the host name portion in my PTR?
>  Could the other ISP be attempting to verify my actual server host name
>  against the existing PTR record before accepting email?
>  Any other suggestions to keep the ISP's on my good side? (.beyond the
>  obvious)

	Before I can provide any advice, I would need to have more 
details about precisely what it is that your ISP is complaining 
about.  It may be that they're talking a complete load of bollocks, 
and that you should simply go get another ISP.  Or, they may have 
legitimate issues which you need to be concerned about.

	Once we see that, I imagine we might also be able to come up with 
some additional advice.

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