AW: [Mailman-Users] Unable to get Mailman up and running with qmail/vpopmail

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Sun Nov 21 15:43:29 CET 2004

I really tried a lot until now and I have read README.QMAIL numerous times.
I agree that everything looks like an alias problem, but if I want to solve
this ever, I have to start investigating.

I ran the script mentioned in the README.QMAIL file.  To clarify where
should those aliases be created?  In "/path/to/mailman" or in
"/path/to/vpopmail/domains" ;-)

Also isn't there a way to handle all this without aliases.  The tutorials I
read didn't work with aliases, but added "|/usr/bin/python
/var/mailman/" to .qmail-default.  This .qmail-default is
supposed to reside in the mailman folder, but I also tried to put this in
the apropriate vpopmail folder.  I've added the lists.domain.tld, using

My problem might be that I don't know for sure how all this works
internally.  That's what I believe and please correct me as this might lead
me the right direction...

1. I am sending a mail to "example at lists.domain.tld"
2. Qmail/vpopmail know the domain "lists.domain.tld" and take care of it
3. The user "example" is not known at "lists.domain.tld" so see what's in
4. From there the file is called using python
5. Mailman should handle everything from there

...but, that's not how it works.  

Could this also be a rights problem?  In one tutorial I read to compile
mailman with "--with-mail-gid=mailman", in the oter I read to compile it
with "--with-mail-gid=vchkpw" (the group used by qmail/vpopmail). What is
the correct way and how does this influence the process.

Sorry, I know a lot of questions and I would like to say thank you in
advance for any support given :-)

Best regards,


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At 5:16 PM +0100 2004-11-20, DIGITAL FOR YOU - Alexander Schwethelm wrote:

>  What doesn't work and this is of course the most important part, is 
> any mail  to mailman.  Let's say I have a list 
> mylist at lists.mydomain.tld and I send an  email to this address as a 
> list user, the mail gets stuck in the qmail  queue.

	This sounds like a problem with the aliases definitions on the MTA.

	Personally, I had never heard of either of the URLs you 
mentioned.  With regards to getting Mailman to work with qmail, the 
best reference I know of is found within the Mailman tarball, in the 

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