[Mailman-Users] %(confirmurl)s variable in verify.txt

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 23 06:40:03 CET 2004

Doug Sampson quoted me and wrote:

>> See the FAQ
>> >Mailman FAQ: http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py
>> Article 4.29.
>Below is the data in my mm_cfg.py file. It already has a DEFAULT_HOST_NAME
>AND A DEFAULT_URL. It would stand to assume that the subscription
>confirmation would have established 'http://lists.dawnsign.com/mailman' as
>the value for the %(confirmurl)s variable.

As Jim Tittsler pointed out to me off list, the above FAQ is not
relevant to your issue. I was responding to the your question about
getting the IP address of your NAT device instead of the actual IP
address, but I totally lost sight of the context and thought it was a
different issue.

As for not getting the proper %(confirmurl)s replacement, Jim alluded
to a possible reason in his list post. He said

  Did Debian backport the %(confirmurl)s substitution to the 2.0.x
  version of Mailman?  I thought that didn't appear until the 2.1.x

The actual %(confirmurl)s string in 2.1.x contains a token which is
specific to the particular subscription request so that merely
visiting the link confirms the subscription. As far as I know, that's
the only way to confirm a subscription via the web. A generic link
without the token wouldn't do it. Is it possible that somehow your
verify.txt template is from a newer version than the underlying

As far as the IP address is concerned, this is reported by the web
server, so if it can be resolved at all, I think it would have to be
between the web server and the NAT device rather than in Mailman.

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