Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 23 19:16:49 CET 2004

Jeff Blasius wrote:
>I am managing a mailinglist with about 150 members and the administrator 
>would like to view all of the members on one page. That is, not have 
>them broken up by first letter on the membership list. I'm pretty sure 
>the solution is to change the DEFAULT_ADMIN_MEMBER_CHUNKSIZE to 
>something large, but it seems to be ignored. Any ideas?

The list attribute that controls this is admin_member_chunksize which
is set from DEFAULT_ADMIN_MEMBER_CHUNKSIZE when the list is created.

>This is a fresh install of 2.1.5 with the config and members added from 
>a text dump. The config file (the output of config_list) does not have 
>this variable set.

It appears that bin/config_list is unaware of this attribute and there
is also no way to set it through the list admin gui. I.e. the list's
value for this attribute is whatever DEFAULT_ADMIN_MEMBER_CHUNKSIZE
was when the list was created. After that, it seems you need to use
bin/withlist to change it.

[gpc_mailman at clint mailman]$ bin/withlist -l test_2
Loading list test_2 (locked)
The variable `m' is the test_2 MailList instance
>>> m.admin_member_chunksize
>>> m.admin_member_chunksize = 500
>>> m.Save()
>>>                           <- control-D
Unlocking (but not saving) list: test_2
[gpc_mailman at clint mailman]$

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