[Mailman-Users] Re: Deleting a list - Mac OS X

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 25 20:22:43 CET 2004

demo wrote:
>> It encounters this error before actually deleting the list and it's
>> archives, so none of this happens (but it has deleted the aliases from
>> the text file).
>> Is /usr/sbin/postalias the correct command? If not, it is set as
>>   POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postalias'
>It seems that there is a '/usr/sbin/postalias'.
>OK, so the GUI uses over-riding permissions, perhaps system over mailman, do
>you think it is worth stripping the Mac OS X Mailman to bits and checking it
>file for file permissions so see what is going on in there ?

Do you have the command line tools in Mailman's bin directory. If so,
bin/check_perms is the tool for checking permissions.

However, the issue here is not really Mailman per se. It is in that
grey area between Mailman and Postfix and only involves the
data/aliases and data/aliases.db files. From the README.POSTFIX in
standard Mailman:

      Make sure that the owner of the data/aliases and data/aliases.db
      file is `mailman' and that the group owner for those files is
      `mailman'.  E.g.:

      % su
      % chown mailman:mailman data/aliases*

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