AW: [Mailman-Users] Unable to get Mailman up and running withqmail/vpopmail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at
Fri Nov 26 18:16:20 CET 2004

DIGITAL FOR YOU - Alexander Schwethelm wrote:
>Bryan, what do you say about this?  I believe qmail/vpopmail is a pretty
>wide spreaded configuration by now and I don't understand why the creators
>of mailman can't just say, that's the way to go, fullstop!

Mailman would not be what it is today nor would it have nearly the user
base to provide help, fixes and development if it were restricted to
working with a single MTA (or a single web server or a single OS
environment or a single anything else you can think of).

Granted, flexibility always comes with a price, but the inverse of that
is Micro$oft's philosophy of "you don't have to think or know anything
- trust us and we'll make everything work for you - just buy all our

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