[Mailman-Users] custom subscribe, unsubscribe and confirm pages per list

Seather seather at scygro.za.net
Fri Nov 26 23:12:39 CET 2004

Hi there,

I run several different domains' mailing lists on one mailing list 
setup, most of it being basic newsletters with no user-input, they just 
receive emails.

Now I need custom subscribe, unsubscribe and confirm pages which should 
be shown inside the website's pages using php.

I am unsure as to where and how exactly to customize all of this 
differently for each single site?

All that I need is a subscribe with a username and password, and an 
unsubscribe form with a username entry, and then the confirm pages for 
both of them. Passwords and options and such is completely unnescesarry 
as this is a newsletter only "mailing list".

I have tried using the /usr/local/mailman/bin/ tools such as add_members 
and remove_members, but unfortunately these don't offer the confirmation 
part which can lead to a catastrophe. There is of course the chance of 
me writing that bit myself in php, and then writing a c-wrapper so that 
apache/php can execute those commands, but there simply must be an 
easier way?

Many Thanks

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