[Mailman-Users] Allow list members to send mails to another list

DIGITAL FOR YOU - Alexander Schwethelm info at digital4u.de
Sat Nov 27 02:17:01 CET 2004

Hi there,

I know I just bothered the list with my installation problems, but I hope
you all allow me another questions. :-)

I am in the process to get my lists up and running and I do have a little
problem.  Is ther a way to either allow a complete list to send messages to
another list they are no subscribed to or open this list to allow anybody no
matter if subscribed or not to send messages to a list?

As said before I am installing mailman for a hockey club and team members
should be able to send messages to each other.  So e.g. all men should
subsrcibe to the list "hockeymen" and all women to "hockeywomen".  I they
want to send a mail to both men and women I would like them to simply send
the mail to both lists, but they are only subscribed to one of the lists.
Of course I could create a third list "hockeyboth" but this would not be
very userfriendly.

In the adminpanel I have the field "accept_these_nonmembers".  Could I set
some kind of wildcard there?  What would I have to write?  Something like

Thanks for any help and best regards,


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