AW: [Mailman-Users] Allow list members to send mails to another list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at
Sat Nov 27 02:56:17 CET 2004

DIGITAL FOR YOU - Alexander Schwethelm wrote:

>Sorry, saw the option generic_nonmember_action too late, anyway if there is
>a way to allow access only to antother list but to the whole world, this
>would be the preferred way.  If not generic_nonmember_action will do it...
>In details e.g. allow every member from list1 send mails to both list1 and

Yes, generic_nonmember_action = Accept will accept posts from everyone
not matching one of the four *_these_nonmembers filters.

And yes, the filters allow regular expressions, even

And there is a patch available from Jim Tittsler to allow you to put
the name of another list in accept_these_nonmembers. See

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