[Mailman-Users] How to include the email address of the recipient in the mailing

Steve Wehr stevew at tunedinweb.com
Sat Nov 27 23:20:43 CET 2004

One problem we always have with mailing lists is that people forget which
email address they used to subscribe. Often our subscribers have email
aliases that they use. For example: a user subscribes to our mailing list as
info at their_domain.com. This address is setup to forward mail to their "real"
email address: user at aol.com. 
So now they get a mailing from Mailman at user at aol.com. They reply that they
want to unsubscribe, and cannot, since user at aol.com is not a member of the
To help combat this I would like to add their %(email)s variable to the
msg_footer. I'd like to say something like: "You are subscribed to this list
as %(email)s". But that variable is not allowed there.
Can you suggest another solution??
Steve Wehr
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