[Mailman-Users] user's replies are detected as bounces

Anne Ramey anner at blast.com
Mon Nov 29 17:35:07 CET 2004

All other users of this list can reply to messages normally, but I have 
one user that every time he replies, the list admin gets a message like:

-----Original Message-----
From: mailman-bounces at ncees.org [mailto:mailman-bounces at ncees.org]
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 10:12 AM
To: list-owner at ncees.org
Subject: Uncaught bounce notification

The attached message was received as a bounce, but either the bounce format
was not recognized, or no member addresses could be extracted from it.  This
mailing list has been configured to send all unrecognized bounce messages to
the list administrator(s).

His user looks like it is set up exactly like all the others.  Any ideas 
why this might be happening?

Anne Ramey

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