[Mailman-Users] Posts Not Being Sent

Mike Dillinger miked at softtalker.com
Fri Oct 1 23:53:20 CEST 2004

On 10/01/2004 02:23 AM, Brad Knowles wrote:
>     Well, considering that you've looked at the FAQ entry on this issue 
> and you still haven't resolved the problem, I'd say that the next step 
> is to turn up the level of debugging you're getting in your MTA.  You 
> should also consider contacting your provider, since they will know a 
> lot more about your particular hardware/OS/software configuration, etc....

They limit what I can see in /var/log.  There's really only Apache logs and 
MySQL logs.  That's it.

They want to charge me some astronomical installation fee.  I'd prefer to 
tackle this alone first.  This has been done and I have a feeling I'm 
missing something simple and I'm going to be slapping my forehead when I'm 

>     Sounds like the aliases haven't been set up properly, or you don't 
> have the mm-handler stuff installed correctly.  I don't have first-hand 
> experience here, but I don't know for sure that the mm-handler stuff 
> will work in a virtual private server environment.
>>  In smtp-failure, I'm seeing relaying denied errors.  The other logs look
>>  kind of weird too, but I'm not sure which information would be most 
>> useful
>>  to share.
>     Therein lies the problem.  We can't tell you which information will 
> be most useful, because you don't usually figure out what is useful 
> until you see everything and then spot the problem.
>     Afterwards, it's easy to figure out which parts of the logs you 
> should have been looking at.  ;-)
>>  I installed Mailman v2.1.5 via source.  The MTA is sendmail and it's
>>  running Red Hat Fedora.
>     Which method of integration with sendmail did you choose?  Are you 
> using aliases or mm-handler?

I am using the aliases method.  I don't even know what mm-handler is.  I 
followed the INSTALL file that comes with the source distro and it does not 
mention mm-handler.


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