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Jim Tittsler jwt at onjapan.net
Sun Oct 3 15:50:42 CEST 2004

On Oct 3, 2004, at 19:22, Heiner Lamprecht wrote:
>>> P.S.: Is there any way to limit a list to one domain?  I don't
>>> need to have multiple lists with the same name but for
>>> different domains.  But I don't like the idea, that one can
>>> post to one list, using every domain of the server ...
>> That is a function of your mail server configuration.  Have it
>> consider both the local part and the domain name when checking
>> the aliases that direct mail to Mailman.
> What do You mean with this?  I'm using postfix as MTA, all
> information about domains, account, ... are stored in a MySQL
> database.

With Exim it is easy to consider both the local part of the address and 
the domain when checking aliases, which can be used to limit list mail 
to just a specific domain for a given list name.   I presume something 
similar can be done with Postfix's 'virtual' and its 
virtual_alias_domins/virtual_alias_maps but I've never tried.

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