[Mailman-Users] Authorized Users

Robert Haack haack at nclack.k12.or.us
Tue Oct 5 23:43:31 CEST 2004

I'm new to this list and to using Mailman.  Please forgive me if this 
question has been asked before but I could not find it in my search 
through the archives. On our old list serv software we had the ability 
to create a group of authorized users who could post to any of 15 lists 
without being subscribed to that list.  Is there any way to do the same 
sort of thing with Mailman?  I tried to create a list called Auth_users 
and then put this list in the "List of non-member addresses whose 
postings should be automatically accepted" but that did not work.  Any 
ideas would be greatly appreciated, I'd prefer not to have to go into 
each list and make changes every time.

Thank You

R Haack
Programmer Analyst
North Clackamas School District #12
haack at nclack.k12.or.us

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