[Mailman-Users] Bounce problems w/list

Judy Petersen judypetersen at comcast.net
Wed Oct 6 03:41:27 CEST 2004

I've asked this question before and so am particularly interested in it
being brought up again. As a Comcast user, I haven't gotten individual
emails for quite some time (except for an occasional one or two) although
the digests come through without fail. Other of our members get no mail (not
comcast users) and still more get about half.

We are now investigating other options but would prefer to stay where we are
and fix things so it works. I'm hoping I hear more ideas of things to try.

Judy Petersen

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- At 6:55 PM -0500 2004-10-05, JL Reis wrote:
- >  I really love the ease of Mailman, but am having a monster problem w/a
- >  client who is using the program.  It seems that hotmail users,
- comcast.net
- >  users and some AOLers are having their email either directly
- deposited into
- >  a junk folder or they're being tossed as spam before they even
- reach the
- >  users inbox (as I suspect is the case with Comcast).
- >
- >  I've done some digging through the archives, but can't seem to
- find a direct
- >  fix (if there is one) to this problem.  Anybody have any ideas?
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