[Mailman-Users] mail => smmsp

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Thu Oct 14 13:02:24 CEST 2004

On 14 Oct 2004, at 02:10, kalin mintchev wrote:

> hi all.
> i have mailman 2.0.13 installed - for a year or so... running fine - 
> bunch
> of users. upgraded sendmail. now mailman doesn't process mail because 
> the
> sendmail's group isn't mail anymore...
> which file should i edit in the mailman tree to make it recognize the
> smmsp group for the wrapper?  don't want to reinstall mailman...

You problem is that the mail-gid is compiled into a C program which is 
then installed as $prefix/mail/wrapper.

Normal advice is to rerun the Mailman ./configure with the 
--with-mail-gid=  option set to the new value and then re-run make 
install as if doing a normal Mailman upgrade. It is a good idea to do a 
backup and shutdown you MTA and Mailman qrunner etc while the upgrade 
is being done.

If you are a confident hacker you could just try:

1. rerun the Mailman ./configure with the --with-mail-gid=  option set 
to the new value

2. run make in just the Mailman $build/src directory

3. replace $prefix/mail/wrapper with the $build/src/wrapper file just 
generated by step (2)

Same caveats about backup and shutdowns apply.

> thanks...

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