[Mailman-Users] Setup Question on changed domain....?

Dr. Jones drjones at vii.com
Fri Oct 15 19:21:09 CEST 2004

When I set up mail man for a couple news lists, I had a domain 
registered through my current ISP. I have since dropped that domain, but 
still have the same ISP. When I go to send to any of the lists I am 
managing, naturally, the mail goes nowhere since that domain is gone. I 
have three other domains registered, though not with my current ISP.

How do I get Mailman to work with one of my other three domain names, so 
that the mail lists will resume working?


Dr. Scott S. Jones
Hands-On Chiropractic 
IRC: irc.freenode.net #utah
Yahoo: sanchiro12

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