[Mailman-Users] Users Passwords

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 20 20:42:03 CEST 2004

Chas Cameron wrote:

>Is there an easy way to assign all users the same password I am doing it
>through email now, however, I have mass subscribed other users previously.
>If I use a file to mass subscribe users can I assign passwords through that


>The reason I need to do this is that my users have no interaction with
>mailman I have an unsub form that sends an email with the password that I
>had assigned at sign-up for those users that sign-up through my form. I hope
>this question makes sense.

If you're willing to have the unsubscriber go through one more step,
you could just omit the password from the e-mail. The unsubscriber
will then have to respond to a confirmation. You could mention this on
the page with the form.

If you have shell access, you could use bin/withlist to change
everyone's password. For example

$ bin/withlist -l mylist
Loading list mylist (locked)
The variable m' is the mylist MailList instance
>>> for member in m.members:
..    m.setMemberPassword(member, 'passwd')
.. <CR>
>>> m.Save()
>>> <ctrl-D>

mylist is the name of your list. passwd is whatever you want for the
password. <CR> and <ctrl-D> are single characters, carriage-return and
control-D, not the literal strings. >>> and ... are python prompts. $
is a shell prompt. The second and third lines are output from withlist.

It is always a good idea to backup the files in lists/mylist before
doing this in case something goes wrong.

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