[Mailman-Users] Mailman on Solaris-based web server

Mauricio Tavares raub at grove.circa.ufl.edu
Tue Oct 19 20:04:28 CEST 2004

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>John Wheaton wrote:
>>I am curious whether Mailman will work on Solaris, and how best to  
>>integrate it with our current web site. Our school maintains an  
>>informational website at www.stfrancishighschool.com, hosted by IgLou in  
>>Louisville. We have been discussing with a few alumni the possibility of  
>>creating mailing lists for the alums, and Mailman seems like a good  
>>solution. We have also looked into Majordomo, which IgLou will administer  
>>for additional monthly charges. We would like to save money.
>>Can Mailman be installed alongside our website? In other words, is it self  
>>contained? Can its bin and lib files, for example, be installed in our web  
>>directory, and still allow Mailman to function?
>Mailman can be installed under Solaris in your own virtual domain on
>your web host, but it requires (probably root) access to the shell on
>the server to do it and to integrate it with the web server and MTA on
>the host. I.e. IgLou will probably have to do it for you and will
>probably charge you for the installation and maybe for monthly use as
>To see what's involved in installing Mailman, go to
    Adding to the mess, I am running mailman right now with postfix in a
Solaris 8 box.  Besides my own errors (I am working on that ;), I had no
problems getting it to work. I literally set it to do postfix (and
postfix to do it), typed ./config and off it went.  Compiler used was
gcc. So, if you need someone to harass, that much I may be able to help. =)

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