[Mailman-Users] Processing speed for huge lists

Graham Cox graham at artempireindustries.com
Fri Oct 22 17:28:45 CEST 2004

We currently run a number of large lists on an ancient version of the Lyris
List Manager software, and it's reached the point where the
software/hardware just isn't capable of handling the size of the lists that
we are processing. I've been given the task of exploring the upgrade paths
that are available to us, both to the latest version of Lyris and to
alternative software packages.

The most important thing that is needed is for the emails to be processed
and sent out in as short a time as is possible - we currently have daily
emails that can take a couple of days to get delivered! - and as such I'm
wondering if anyone here has experience with lists of the size that we

There are currently 6 main lists that are run on this server, 3 clients with
2 lists each, and they range in size from 45,000 in the smallest one to
almost 130,000 in the largest one.

Does anyone have any idea of the amount of time I'd expect it to take to
process and send this number of emails out on a decently optimized system?


Graham Cox
Art Empire Industries
graham at artempireindustries.com

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