[Mailman-Users] Invalid Confirmation String & Returned Messages . . .

Jason Flatt jason at flattfamily.com
Sun Oct 24 06:43:24 CEST 2004

Hello all.

I've setup a couple of Mailman lists and got them up and running.  We have 
several people subscribed and were passing messages about for about a week, 
then we started getting errors.  First they were bounces when confirming 
subscription requests:

- Results:
    Invalid confirmation string.  Note that confirmation strings expire
approximately 3 days after the initial subscription request.  If your
confirmation has expired, please try to re-submit your original request or

but now it seems every message is being returned, even normal posts, which 
were working fine for about a week.  What we get back are messages like this 

<mailman-post+list at domain.tld> (expanded from <list at domain.tld>): unknown 
user: "mailman-post+list"

I had assumed that the problem was somewhere in the aliases, so I triple 
checked and tweaked the aliases file in /etc (the one 
in /var/lib/mailman/data was created and modified by mailman, so I left it 
alone), and I've re-run newaliases a few times, but the results are the same.  
I have read through the FAQ and the Mailman list archives for about an hour, 
but I could not find anything which I had not already done or that seemed to 
help me.  Does anyone have any suggestions for where I can look to solve 

Jason Flatt (jason @ flattfamily . com)
Father of five (http://www.flattfamily.com/)
Linux user (http://www.sourcemage.org/)
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