[Mailman-Users] MM Fields Documentation?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 25 21:32:03 CEST 2004

Justin Girard wrote:
>Thank you for your response. In terms of docs, my experience has been that
>whenever proprietary script/code is written, there are documents compiled to
>explain functionality and assist development. That's why I asked.

Mailman is not proprietary, it is open source. As I said, I am not
aware of any documentation of the <MM-...> tags other than the code
itself. Perhaps someone else on this or the mailman-developers list is.

>Unfortunately, the technical support team at Intermedia has informed me that
>I have no telnet access to the Mailman files relative to my list.
>Considering that, I can not make the changes in the manner you have
>suggested as I can not determine what functions the <MM> fields are
>eventually executing.

I think you may have misunderstood my response. If you don't have shell
access to your Mailman installation, it is difficult to make changes
to most templates, but the listinfo template is an exception. It can
be edited through the "Edit the public HTML pages"->"General list
information page" links on the lists administrative interface and the
result will be saved as a list specific template.

What I suggested is that you go the the listinfo page for the list
using a web browser and use whatever option the web browser offers to
view the page source. This will be the HTML with all the <MM...> tags
converted to their values. You can then copy this HTML and paste it
into the box on the General list information editing page and make
whatever further edits you want and Submit Changes. Or you can just
replace the <MM...> tags for the parts you want to change with their

>Is there any way for me to access my personal Mailman files via telnet? If
>there is, then I can do this research on my on and alter things as is

I don't understand. Above you said you didn't have telnet access. Now
you appear to be saying you do. What access do you have and what do
you want to see.

If you want to see the Mailman code, you can always download the source
from http://www.list.org/ to your own machine and look at it there.

If you wan't to see your own list specific files beyond what's
available via the web interface, you need shell access to the mailman
installation on the host machine.

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