[Mailman-Users] Spoofed Addresses

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat Oct 30 14:56:40 CEST 2004

At 10:11 PM -0400 2004-10-29, David Relson wrote:

>  My mail handling environment is composed of postfix, procmail,
>  bogofilter, and mailman.  All incoming messages are _supposed_ to be
>  processed by bogofilter, which adds a spam/ham tag to the message
>  header.  Messages to "mydomain.com" have the tags, but messages to
>  "mylists.org" do not (as confirmed by looking at *.pck in held-msgs).
>  Can you point me towards a FAQ, HOWTO, or other document which might
>  shed light on why this is so?

	That sounds like a bogofilter question, which you should be using 
bogofilter resources to try to answer -- like their mailing lists, 
newsgroups, etc....  I doubt that the Mailman-users mailing list is 
going to be very useful in trying to answer bogofilter questions.

	That said, if you want to keep from having your own address 
spoofed, I imagine you could add some bogofilter rules that look 
through the headers and increase or decrease the score depending on 
whether it appears that the message is originating from your machine 
and claims to have your address on it, or if the message originates 
from somewhere else but has your address.

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