[Mailman-Users] No Date: line in digest header

Todd K. Watson tkw at southwestern.edu
Wed Sep 1 20:53:56 CEST 2004

I have searched fairly intensively looking for a previously posted 
answer to my question, but have not turned up anything other than a 
similar post to this list last year which didn't get a response (see: 

All list digests created by my install of Mailman-2.1.5 are missing the 
"Date:" line in the header.  Each individual message within the digest 
has a date line in its header, but the digest itself is missing the Date 
line.  Most MTA's and MUA's inject a Date line, but I'm using Qmail as 
an MTA -- which doesn't inject one.  It seems that it's the job of the 
MUA (Mailman in this case) to create the Date: line according to RFC-2822.

Any help would appreciated!  Am I missing something simple here?

         Todd K. Watson
         Senior Systems and Network Administrator
         Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX

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