[Mailman-Users] No Date: line in digest header

Todd K. Watson tkw at southwestern.edu
Wed Sep 1 22:12:35 CEST 2004

Thanks Brad,

This makes sense to me, and I was afraid that was going to be the 
answer.  I'll take a look at qmail-based solutions.  However...

Not to instigate a "who should do what", but this doesn't sit well for 
me.  It seems to me that the MTA should not inject any date except in a 
"Received:" line -- which qmail does.  Since the origination-date date 
line is specified as one of the only required header lines for a message 
in RFC-2822, it would seem to be something that should be fixed on 
Mailman.  I understand that it's up to me to have my MTA allow or deny 
messages without it, but based on my relatively under-educated (I'm new 
to running Mailman) opinion I would rather have the fix on the Mailman 

Given that, would you recommend that I report this in bugtrack?

Also, one thing that did turn up in my investigation into this was in 
the release notes (the NEWS file in the root level of the 2.5.1 tarball) 
the following highlight is mentioned in the section for 
Mailman-2.1-Beta-1 (line 591):

	"o Always add an RFC 2822 Date: header if missing, since
	not all MTAs insert one automatically."

This leads me to think that this was (at least at one time) addressed. 
I can't find anything to indicate that was backed-out.  Also, it doesn't 
specify if it was applied to both digesting and regular messages.  I'm 
assuming only the latter.

Again, thanks for your response Brad!


Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 1:53 PM -0500 2004-09-01, Todd K. Watson wrote:
>>  Most MTA's and MUA's inject a Date line, but I'm using Qmail as an MTA
>>  -- which doesn't inject one.  It seems that it's the job of the MUA
>>  (Mailman in this case) to create the Date: line according to RFC-2822.
>     The MUA should include a Date: header, that's true.  However, it's 
> up to the injecting MTA to either make sure that the minimum required 
> headers are present in the message when it accepts it, or to put the 
> headers on there.  Dan will violently disagree, but qmail is at fault here.
>     There are plenty of programs available for qmail users who are in 
> this boat and need to have their MTA add headers by default, which qmail 
> otherwise would not do.  However, you need to use qmail resources to 
> find those programs.

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