[Mailman-Users] trouble with setup: Cron, receiving mail outside lan

Jim Dory jdory at gci.net
Tue Sep 7 03:56:33 CEST 2004

Dan Phillips wrote:

> Have you run bin/check_perms -f ? the obvious cause of the error is a 
> permission issue, but check_perms doesn't always find everything. 
> FWIW, my locks directory is 775 and the lock files themselves are 664. 
> Before even messing with that, however, if you have no need for the 
> NNTP gate, then comment out the gate_news in the mailman crontab and 
> you don't have to worry about it :-)
> BTW, did you install from source? If so, know that Mailman-2.1.5 (the 
> latest) requires python 2.3.
> Dan
> ================================
> Dan Phillips
> Professor of Horn, University of Memphis
> site administrator: music.memphis.edu
Hello Dan,

Thanks for the reply! 

Check_perms had some errors and with -f it no longer reports any errors.

The problem could well be the older python version. I installed python 
via a package on the Suse 7.3 disks as I could not find one that worked 
otherwise. I downloaded the latest source for python and I got back gcc 
./configure errors. I found an rpm of python that was perhaps for suse 8 
and it didn't work either. So that is why I went with the older python. 
The only one I could get to install.  I could search more for an 
upgrade, but didn't have luck the first time.  I've thought of upgrading 
to Debian on the server but really didn't want to go through the hassle 
(learning curve and time)- but maybe that would be an alternative.

I'll try commenting out the NNTP gate (haven't researched what it is yet 
- don't even know if I need it). Locks directory under 
/usr/local/mailman is drwxrwsr-x, as is all of those directories.

But if it ain't gonna work with python 2.1.1, maybe that is where my 
attention should lie?

As an aside, should I reply to the list? When I hit reply, or reply-all, 
it does not include the mailman list. Seems odd.

cheers, JD

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