[Mailman-Users] HTML and msg_header Option

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Sep 9 01:08:25 CEST 2004

At 7:59 PM +0000 2004-09-08, gaclark at attglobal.net wrote:

>  Is it possible to included HTML in the msg_header Option? I would like to
>  broadcast an image with a link to a web page in the header of each
>  message.

	Header?  There is a msg_header option that can be set on a 
per-list basis, which can include certain pieces of information about 
the list, etc....  But this is not put into the actual headers of the 
message, but merely pre-pended to any message content that had been 
submitted by the poster.  Unfortunately, this has the same problem as 
message footers, as discussed in 

	You can suppress some of the headers that Mailman adds to 
incoming messages, especially the "List-" headers, which is explained 
But short of modifying the source code, there is no way I know of to 
add your own headers of this type.

>  The list of substitutions for this option appear to exclude this 
>capability. I
>  suspect that this feature cannot be accomplished without a customization
>  that is beyond the scape of administrators woth access via cPanel.

	Ahh.  CPanel.  Please see 

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