[Mailman-Users] Replying to a Confirm

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Sep 9 05:40:53 CEST 2004

Bruce Embrey wrote:
>Can I redirect a confirm from one list to another? When I reply to a
>Confirmation can I change the To address from test-request at domain.com
>to test2-request at domain.com?

You could try it. I very much doubt it would break anything, but since
the post is not being held for the "test2" list, I'm pretty sure it
won't work.

>I have messages that are sent to a main
>list which should be redirected to a smaller list. I want to preserve
>the From address and the Subject line from the original message. Any
>suggestions on how I can accomplish this?

You have asked this question in different ways a few times now, and I'm
still not sure what you're looking for.

My impression is your "main list" is moderated or in some other way the
posts are held for approval and some human wants to manually redirect
a post or posts to the smaller list (whether from the Administrative
Database page or from an e-mail notification, I'm not sure, although
this time it looks like e-mail) in some easy way while keeping the
original From: and Subject: intact.

The short answer is I'm not aware of any easy way to do this in
Mailman. That doesn't mean there isn't one, just that I'm not aware of
one (see disclaimer below).

The longer answer is depending on what tools the human has available
and which of these the human is comfortable in using, there may or may
not be ways of doing this which in the short term at least are easier
than simply returning the post to the OP and asking that it be posted
to the "correct" list. However, this latter method *may* have the
additional advantage of eventually training people to post to the
proper list in the first place, although it has the drawback of making
the human appear "difficult", at least to some.

As an example of what I'm talking about, I might copy and paste the
post into a file, edit the To: so it references the correct new list
(to avoid "implicit destination" issues and confusion among
recipients) and then "sendmail -t <(the file)". Depending on how the
list validates the sender, a -f may be needed too. Some MUAs can do
this kind of redirect too.

Disclaimer - I'm not a Mailman expert at any level. There are people on
this list who know a LOT more about these things that I do.

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