[Mailman-Users] Moving Mailman to a new IP

Anthony Chavez acc at anthonychavez.org
Thu Sep 9 07:46:28 CEST 2004

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Hi, all!

I'm currently faced with a somewhat complicated task.

Machine A (hostname x.com) is running Postfix 2.1.4 with myhostname =
mail.x.com, acting not only as the MX for x.com *and* y.com but also (as
you would expect) hosting virtual mailbox maps and domains for the
latter.  I have also been running a Mailman mailing list on y.com for
about a year or so.  I was recently donated machine B and have installed
Postfix and Mailman on it and wish to migrate the list to this new

My goal is to configure Postfix on machine B (hostname to be y.com) to
receive mail as virtual host mail.y.com and eliminate the virtual
mailboxen altogether.  The hard way of doing this would be to try to
synchronize with each post to the mailing lists while DNS changes

I'm thinking that it would be easier (and cleaner!) to copy the list
over to Mailman B, configure Postfix A to relay messages for y.com to
Postfix B, and shut down Mailman A.

My questions to you are as follows: 1) is this the best approach and 2)
if so, how is the right way to accomplish this?  My reasoning for asking
the second question is because I cannot afford any downtime for this
move and I need to make sure that it gets done right the first time.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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