[Mailman-Users] Subscription ways

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Sep 11 19:12:06 CEST 2004

Abbas Qaizar wrote:
>How can you invite for the subscription ??
>1.............add the email in the membership list manually ???
>2.............Invite the person through your website ???
>3.............or is there any other way to do that  ??

You can send invitations to one or more addresses and/or Name <address>
combinations from the Membership Management...->Mass Subscription page.

You can invite them on your web site with instructions on where to
e-mail a subscribe request or a link to the listinfo page or a form as
described in FAQ article 4.33 (The FAQ wizard is at
>Just to inform you that I want to manage a one-way list i.e. Announcement list in which members are not allowed to post any messages so please advise accordingly what should I do to turn off / disable all the related features mandatory for a one way list like this.

You asked this question yesterday and I answered. My answer is at

>I want to edit the subscription  page ...........how can I do that ????

See FAQ article 4.48.

>Pls. advise for above asap.

Please also read FAQ article 1.22

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