[Mailman-Users] create list on subscribe

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Sep 14 08:03:56 CEST 2004

>>>>> "martin" == martin f krafft <martin> writes:

    martin> I want to create a listserv to allow folks to subscribe to
    martin> single bugs in the Debian BTS. Instead of creating the
    martin> 270000 lists up front, I want them to be created as people
    martin> subscribe (if the list name matches a regexp or list of
    martin> conditions).

    martin> I know Mailman better than any other MLM, so I would not
    martin> mind using it for this task. However, I am not sure it can
    martin> do what I want.

    martin> If Mailman can't be tweaked into doing this, do you guys
    martin> know of a software than can do it?

Roundup is a BTS that works exactly as you say, with some extra
features for auto-subscribing the submitter and people who have
expressed interest in that category.  If you throw away the MLM and
replace it with a hook into Mailman, and you create a bug db backend
that just talks to the Debian BTS, maybe you get what you want.

The reason I think this crackpot idea may have some merit is that
Roundup is written in Python, so you might have less trouble with the
tight flexible integration I suspect you need here.


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