[Mailman-Users] How to recover an admin password

Mário Filipe mjnf at uevora.pt
Thu Sep 16 10:07:29 CEST 2004


A Qui, 2004-09-16 às 04:23, Mark Sapiro escreveu:
> Mário Filipe wrote:
> >
> >You mean going to http://myserver.org/mailman/admin/lostpasswordlist
> >
> >and enter the mailman admin password?
> >
> >I've just tried that and it didn't work...
> The site password should work anywhere a password is required. If it
> doesn't, maybe you aren't using the correct password. If necessary,
> you can set a new site password with bin/mmsitepass (bin/mmsitepass
> --help
> for more info).
> Perhaps you misunderstood what was meant by "MailMan administrator's
> password" in the original reply. What was referred to was the site
> password as set by bin/mmsitepass, not any other such as the password
> for the mailman site list.

This was exactly what was happening: I was using the mailman list admin
password. Thanks to everyone that helped.
        Mario Filipe 
        mjnf at uevora.pt
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