[Mailman-Users] lost the raw archive link

Warren Woodward scratch at xmission.com
Tue Sep 14 20:49:10 CEST 2004

Surely I'm missing something obvious (as usual), but this one has me 
stumped.  A list owner requested I eliminate his current archives so he 
can begin anew for the quarter.  I did this, as I have a few other times 
in the past, using the guidelines in the FAQ:


In short, I deleted the /$HOME/archives/private/listname directory, erased 
the listname.mbox/listname.mbox and re archived.  No problem, this works 
as always and the list is now accepting archived anew as intended.

The problem is that the list owner pointed out that doing this seems to
have eliminated the option to "download the full raw archive" which he
uses regularly.  I am stumped as to why.  I looked at a couple other lists
on which I've performed this action in the past, and see that the same
result has occured.

Is it safe to just add this link in the archive index.html?  Or is it 
going to be overwritten again when /bin/arch is next exectuted?  And is 
there a way to perform this archive housekeeping that prevents this from 

warren woodward
XMission DSL
warrenw at xmission.com
(801) 303-0819

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