[Mailman-Users] Users want to unsubscribe, but cannot find theire-mail address in the list

Rene van Paassen M.M.vanPaassen at lr.tudelft.nl
Fri Sep 17 09:07:55 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2004-09-17 at 05:05, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Tokio Kikuchi wrote:
> >
> >There is a classical way.
> >
> >> or is there some other way that they can figure out the address on the
> >> list that is getting them the mail?
> >
> >Wait for the first day of the next month. A reminder is sent to the user
> >indicating which address is subscribed. Or, you can send any time by
> >
> >% cd <prefix>
> >% python -S cron/mailpasswds
> >
> >Remember, all the users on the list will receive their reminder.
> Except for those who've turned off their password reminders which
> according to Murphy's Law would be just those who you want to get it.
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> Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net>       The highway is for gamblers,
> San Francisco Bay Area, California    better use your sense - B. Dylan

Thanks for all the suggestions. I actually took this one, and switched
on the password reminders for once. I had these off, since the list is
low-frequency, some 4 mails per year. After the server has been
upgraded, I will try the solution with 

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