[Mailman-Users] Successful Panther (MacOS X 10.3) installation steps for Mailman (updated)

Peter Tattersall ptatters at zerobyzero.ca
Thu Sep 23 05:31:16 CEST 2004

On 22-Sep-04, at 11:23 PM, Larry Stone wrote:

> e) Postfix is already installed on your computer but is not running by
> default. You will need to get Postfix configured and started but how 
> to do
> that is beyond the scope of this document.
Postfix Enabler, either the release version 1.0.9 or the beta version 
(quite stable) which adds SpamAssassin.

See <http://www.roadstead.com/weblog/Tutorials/PostfixEnabler.html>

Peter T

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