[Mailman-Users] Mailman Questions

Cheryl LaSalle cheryl at bpwebdesign.com
Fri Sep 17 23:11:07 CEST 2004

  a.. We are migrating from another list program to Mailman and adding members via Mass Subscription.  Is there any way to skip the Confirm step in this situation?  We don't want to "bother" the members with this step, as none of their current processes will be changing.  (We use an alias for posting.)

  b.. Is there any way to edit the content of the following messages, which we'd like to make some minor changes to:
    a.. Confirm message - other than adding text to the "additional text" box under Mass Subscription
    b.. Welcome message, other than updating welcome_msg
    c.. Digest, other than updating digest_header and digest_footer

  c.. Is there any way that the subject line of the confirm e-mail can be made "friendlier".  Seeing something like "confirm 82b57cdc0f01bb4c4954c6346583539ebee04502" in a subject line is daunting to an unsuspecting recipient of a Confirm e-mail via Mass Subscription.

  d.. Is there any way for the Moderator to be able to edit the content of a posting prior to approval?
Note that I am comfortable with HTML, and have already made some minor changes to the public HTML pages, so if the answer is that there are other HTML pages to modify, I'm fine with that.

Cheryl LaSalle
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