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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Sep 23 11:41:21 CEST 2004

At 11:22 AM -0700 2004-09-16, Danny Welch wrote:

>                                               Now I can't seem to find out
>  how to change the delivery method back to HTML format.  Can you please help
>  me!  I would greatly appreciate it.

	Mailman gives you to option of converting HTML-formatted messages 
to ASCII text, and it gives you the ability to either strip specific 
attachment types you don't want or to only allow certain specific 
certain attachment types through.

	Go to the "Content Filtering" page for your list.  If you have 
enabled content filtering, there are two blocks of fields which can 
be filled in.  The first block is for removing attachments of a 
specific type.  The second block is for removing all attachments 
which are not of this type.  One or the other of these blocks will 
have had some information filled in -- by default, that is the latter 

	If the latter block is filled in for you, then make sure that 
"text/html" is included in this list.  If the first block is filled 
in, then make sure that "text/html" is *NOT* included.

	Then, you need to make sure that the radio button for "convert 
text/html to text" is turned off.

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