[Mailman-Users] Re: Newbie requesting basic how-to

Chris Barnes chris-barnes at tamu.edu
Thu Sep 23 16:52:47 CEST 2004

Jon Roland <jon.roland at the-spa.com> wrote:
> Of course not. Just a simple GUI front end for installing and setting
> up a Mailman site, that would incorporate expert knowledge about
> various environments so that the user doesn't have to struggle with
> manually editing configuration files, finding needed program files,
> launching web servers and mailman daemons, establishing interfaces
> with the MTA, etc. Same kind of thing we do with all kinds of popular
> apps. But if you're running Suse 9.1 on a 400 MHz Pentium III with
> only 128MG of RAM, you don't want to run unnecessary background
> processes, like a web server, when all it is needed for is to set up
> a list locally. Remotely, sure. Using a web browser for that for a
> short time makes sense. But a lot of people have to do things on old,
> underpowered laptops.

Quite frankly, "old underpowered laptops" shouldn't be used as server 
machines (running a MLM is a server application, even if it is one that 
doesn't consume many resources).

> If Linux is going to displace MS Windows, major apps are going to
> have to enable users to use their tools without ever having to see
> the CLI. Point and click.

Windows is a much bigger background app than apache...


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