[Mailman-Users] low level smtp error

vlado vlado at ditex.mprint.sk
Thu Sep 23 21:34:57 CEST 2004

Dear friends

I know this topic was already talked on this list but i checked the archive
and did not find the right answer for my problem. I'm running mailman on
Fedora C2 with apache web server. The web works fine. I was able to create
list. After installation i created the mailman list.

When i tried to submit new address it seams that the answer disappeared. I
found no error logs in SMTP so it went well through alliases. I found this
problem in smtp-failure

Sep 23 21:22:41 2004 (754) delivery to vladimir.fecko at mprint.sk failed with
code -1: (111, 'Connection refused')
Sep 23 21:22:41 2004 (754) Low level smtp error: (111, 'Connection
refused'), msgid: <mailman.0.1095966791.623.tenvors_members at mprint.sk>

I di not recieved any mails from mailman about confirmation etc. I
configured the mailman according the page:

Can somebody help me please.

Vlado Fecko

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