[Mailman-Users] Domain in the To: header

Jolin M Warren JolinWarren at OakandApple.org
Fri Sep 24 14:58:25 CEST 2004

I am having a problem getting Mailman to use the correct domain in 
the list address for my lists. Here's the situation:

  -The domain for my lists is <lists.foe-edinburgh.org.uk>

  -The DNS entry for this domain maps it to 
<foe-edinburgh.dnsalias.net>, which resolves to the actual IP address:
   lists.foe-edinburgh.org.uk. 300 IN      CNAME   foe-edinburgh.dnsalias.net

  -the 'host_name' setting for this list is set to "lists.foe-edinburgh.org.uk"

Here's my problem: when someone posts to the list 'example', they use 
the address:

example at lists.foe-edinburgh.org.uk

In every case I have checked, this is the address that is being 
entered into the 'To:' field of the sender's mailer. However, some 
MTAs seem to be automatically substituting the CNAME for the domain 
in the To: address, so the email that arrives at my server has the 
To: address of:

example at foe-edinburgh.dnsalias.net

I have checked all of the headers of these emails, and the received 
headers are as follows:

Received: from xxx (xx.xx.xx.xx) by xx.xx.net (xx.xx.xx.xx)
	id xxxxxxxxxxx for example at lists.foe-edinburgh.org.uk

In fact, all of the headers in the message use the 
<lists.foe-edinburgh.org.uk> domain (because the server considers 
this its hostname). The ONLY place that <foe-edinburgh.dnsalias.net> 
appears is in the To: header. Yet when I have the sender forward me 
the original email they posted, the To: header is in fact set to 
<example at lists.foe-edinburgh.org.uk>.

Now, here's my question: Is there any way to get Mailman to recognise 
that the message was addressed to 
<example at lists.foe-edinburgh.org.uk> (as the Received: headers can 
see) and post the message with a To: header using that address? I 
would really prefer that list members never see anything with the 
<foe-edinburgh.dnsalias.net> domain.

Thanks for any help with this.


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