[Mailman-Users] Privacy Options

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Sep 24 18:58:36 CEST 2004

Abbas Qaizar wrote:
>If we look at one of the features in : -----> Privacy Options ----> Subscription Rules -----------> What steps are required for subscription ??? And there are 3-options.
>if we go Confirm and Approve then ??? 

The potential subscriber gets a confirmation e-mail to confirm she/he
really wants to subscribe. This e-mail must be confirmed by replying
to the e-mail or visiting a web link in the mail.

After confirmation (the confirm part), the list moderator/owner is
notified of the subscription request and must approve it (the approve

>Kindly keep in mind that the addresses are stored by the moderator himself..................members were neither invited nor they subscribed themselves.

If you are saying the addresses are subscribed directly via mass
subscribe, then the "steps required" don't apply. The addresses are
just subscribed immediately.

>Request to all those who are using this Mailman as an ANNOUNCEMENT LIST.............i.e. One-Way list as I need to know whether all subscribed members are getting my mails regularly or not.

You could ask them...

OTOH, if Mailman is working and they aren't bouncing, then the mail is
getting as far as the subscriber's incoming MTA, and that's as much as
you can find out.

>Will anybody respond to this soon ?????

People, I in particular, have responded to several of your previous
posts and answered questions similar if not identical to some of
these. See the archives at
. Of course, if you haven't received any of those replies, you
probably won't receive this one either. This time, I'll try not
replying directly to you on the theory that maybe you can receive from
the list but not from me. If that doesn't work, I'm going to give up
trying to answer your questions.

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