[Mailman-Users] Pretty good Announcement only How-to + more on Mac

demo macangels at spamcop.net
Sat Sep 25 20:28:17 CEST 2004

As it comes  up often [ and I've only been here a few weeks ], there is also
a pretty good Announcement only How-to here :


> Please understand, I'm a MacFanatic myself.  I don't like having
> to say negative things about them, but Apple leaves us no choice.

Please understand, I'm a MacFanatic myself and I'll join the chorus on this

Just out of interest, have Apple actually put anything back *into* your
development community?

Looking into the future, you might want to hive off a lost-Mac-tech-mailman
list ... My guess is that there are going to be a whole load of lost souls
headed this way as, in my experience, Apple is telling folk " they don't
support Mailman ".


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