[Mailman-Users] scrubbing attachments

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Sep 30 15:21:11 CEST 2004

At 8:53 AM +0200 2004-09-30, martin f krafft wrote:

>  However, the attachment is still delivered to all 80+ subscribers.
>  I wonder if it's possible to replace the attachment in the email
>  with a link to the file saved under /attachments/... of the list
>  archives? Or is this not possible because the archives are actually
>  generated separately by pipermail?

	The archiving step is separate from the mailing list processing, 
and that is where the attachment stripping is performed.  It's 
difficult to solve this in a general way, since internal hostnames 
might be totally different from external hostnames, and you're 
crossing protocol boundaries (SMTP to HTTP).

	With the list archive, you're staying within protocol boundaries 
(anyone who can see the archive should be able to likewise see the 
attachments through the same mechanism).

	I'm not aware of any patches to produce the kind of behaviour 
you're looking for, but you can search the list on the Mailman page 
at SourceForge.

	Failing that, you're welcome to contribute patches to achieve 
this functionality.

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