[Mailman-Users] Subscribe Issue

Travis Knabe knabet at wou.edu
Wed Sep 29 19:17:27 CEST 2004

I'm using iPlanet 6.x and mailman 2.x

Everything has been working fine; and I'm not sure
anything changed.  However at this time when a user
subscribes to a list, which allows auto subscription
( no approval ) then a server error is returned. 
They seem to get subscribed, but they don't get a
confirmation page.  If they mis-type their password
the same subscribe script runs successfully and
tells  them their passwords don't match.

Here are web server log files.

[29/Sep/2004:09:54:37] failure (23393): for host trying to POST
/mailman/subscribe/hst410, cgi_scan_headers reports:
the CGI program
did not produce a valid header (name without value:
got line "  file "../mailman/logging/logger.py",
line 55, in __get_f")

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards


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