[Mailman-Users] virtual hosting question

Rick Pasotto rick at niof.net
Fri Apr 8 17:07:16 CEST 2005

I run debian linux with exim3 and mailman 2.1.5. My machine has a
primary name of 'niof.net' and I also have several virtual hosts with
their own mailing lists on the same machine.

The mm_cfg.py file has 'VIRTUAL_HOSTS.clear()' and all the appropriate
add_virtualhost() lines.

Mail to 'list at virtual-host.com' works. 'virtual-host.com' is set as the
'host name this list prefers'. The link to
<http://virtual-host.com/mailman/listinfo/list> works but the links at
the bottom of that page (to the admin interface, other lists) use
niof.net as the host.

I can access the admindb pages with either host name.

How can I get *all* the pages to refer to the virtual host *only*?

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