[Mailman-Users] Bounce processing

Doc Schneider maddoc at maddoc.net
Sat Apr 30 20:08:51 CEST 2005

I've looked through the FAQs and can't find anything about what I need 
for a list I run.

Can Mailman, when it gets a bounce, send the bounce to the listowner and 
not process it? Alls I can find is the option to turn off (and discard) 
bounce processing.

I've got a list that is sent out monthly and need to track bounces to 
remove members who do bounce.

Is what I need possible with Mailman or should I stick to what I'm using 
(ecartis) for this monthly list?



ps. I can hack python pretty good, so hacking the code is no big deal. 
Just need a pointer to where to start looking.

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