[Mailman-Users] Sendmail: collect: premature EOM: unexpected close

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Wed Aug 10 17:33:24 CEST 2005

We are running Suse 9.2 and have recently installed mailman 2.1.6 on our 
site.  We are using sendmail and mm-handler.

It seems that our messages are not being properly picked up by qrunner.
If we send an email to a non-existing list, we get a nice email telling 
us that the list does not exist.
If we send an email to a list, it appears all the appropriate files get 
There are messages that appear as heldmsg-[listname].pck
And there are numerous messages that appear as retries that have a 
very-long number.pck
The text of the emails sent do appear in these files.

In /usr/local/mailman/logs/smtp-failure, we have a message: "SMTP 
session failure: -1, a(): 1.00"

Sendmail gives us:
collect: premature EOM: unexpected close
collect: unexpected close on connection from localhost.

I do an strace -f -p [pid of qrunner outgoing-runner]
and I find:
recv(10, "getla(): 1.08\n220 localhost ESMT"..., 8192, 0) = 
send(10, "ehlo lists.lightsys.org\r\n", 22, 0) = 
send(10, "mail FROM:<testlist-bounces at list"..., 45, 0) = 
recv(10, "250-localhost Hello localhost [1"..., 8192, 0) = 
send(10, "rcpt TO:<tim.young at lightsys.org>"..., 34, 0) = 
send(10, "data\r\n", 6, 0)              = 
recv(10, "getla(): 1.08\n", 8192, 0)    = 
send(10, "quit\r\n", 6, 0)              = 
recv(10, "250 2.1.5 <tim.young at lightsys.or"..., 8192, 0) = 

Basically, qrunner does everything for the email except send any data.  
I have been able to successfully send an email by telnetting to the 
smtpserver ( on port 25, and typing in what qrunner sends.  If 
I put something in as data, it processes through sendmail fine and gets 

So why is qrunner losing the body of the email messages?

    - Tim

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