[Mailman-Users] Virtual domains

Forrest Aldrich forrie at forrie.com
Wed Aug 17 03:50:06 CEST 2005

Thank you for your response.

The virtual domain we're using will be MX'd to our hosts, but served 
"virtually" via Mailman.   In otherwords:

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = ourdomain.com

DEFAULT_URL_HOST = www.ourdomain.com

[ ... ]

I'm not sure what I'd put here for add_virtualhost():

add_virtualhost('virtual.com', DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST)



Hans-Juergen Beie wrote:

>Forrest Aldrich wrote on 16.08.2005 20:57:
>>The Mailman instance I have installed runs under one primary domain - 
>>however, I want to set up a list that uses a different TLD (routed 
>>properly at our MX servers).
>>What's the proper way to get this working under Mailman, where it 
>>respects the virtual TLD, not posting the default TLD onto it?
>In mm_cfg.py you should have something like this...
>-----> cut here >-----------------------
># Default domain for email addresses of newly created MLs
>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mail.primary-domain.tld'
># Default host for web interface of newly created MLs
>DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'lists.primary-domain.tld'
># Required when setting any of its arguments.
>add_virtualhost('lists.virtual1.tld', 'mail.virtual1.tld')
>add_virtualhost('lists.virtual2.tld', 'mail.virtual2.tld')
>add_virtualhost('lists.virtual3.tld', 'mail.virtual3.tld')
>-----< cut here <-----------------------
>lists.*.tld and mail.*.tld may be the same host. That depends on your setup.
>hjb :-?
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