[Mailman-Users] Virtual domains

Hans-Juergen Beie hjb at pollux.franken.de
Wed Aug 17 14:10:44 CEST 2005

> The virtual domain we're using will be MX'd to our hosts, but served
"virtually" via Mailman.   In otherwords:
> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = ourdomain.com
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST = www.ourdomain.com
> [ ... ]
> I'm not sure what I'd put here for add_virtualhost():
> add_virtualhost('virtual.com', DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST)
> ?

I assume that you intend to setup a mailinglist for the domain virtual.com
having a web interface like http://lists.virtual.com/... or

The URL_HOST parameter in mm_cfg.py points to Mailman's web interface for
that list. Usually this is a host name or, at least, it should resolve to
the web host Mailman is running on.

The EMAIL_HOST entry points to the MX server which should accept and
deliver mails for the list. If you omit the second parameter, then Mailman
tries to guess the domain by stripping the first part of the dot-separated
FQDN of the URL_HOST. If that's not what you want, then specify either a
host (FQDN) or a domain as EMAIL_HOST.

I myself didn't try to use domain names here (always used FQDN hosts), but
you'll find some hints here:
(Look for 'Virtual host issues')

Mailman uses both values to fill up its html and mail templates and to
assemble the various URLs for the web interface. Therefore, it's a good
practice to use the virtual domain names for both, if possible, because
your list members won't be more confused than necessary ;) But that
requires correspondig DNS entries and vhosts of your web server.

In Mailman's terms the "virtual domains" issue means that it's possible to
use different host/domain names for different lists, and that lists can be
run over different MX hosts, optionally. Additionally, the virtual domain
setup keeps lists in different domains separated from each other (and
that's new as of Mailman 2.1, I think). In other words: If one connects to
http://lists.virtual.com the lists of primary.com or other-virtual.com
hosted on the same server won't be seen.

> Thanks...

hjb :-?

> Hans-Juergen Beie wrote:
>>Forrest Aldrich wrote on 16.08.2005 20:57:
>>>The Mailman instance I have installed runs under one primary domain -
however, I want to set up a list that uses a different TLD (routed
properly at our MX servers).
>>>What's the proper way to get this working under Mailman, where it
respects the virtual TLD, not posting the default TLD onto it?
>>In mm_cfg.py you should have something like this...
>>-----> cut here >-----------------------
>># Default domain for email addresses of newly created MLs
>>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mail.primary-domain.tld'
>># Default host for web interface of newly created MLs
>>DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'lists.primary-domain.tld'
>># Required when setting any of its arguments.
>>add_virtualhost('lists.virtual1.tld', 'mail.virtual1.tld')
>>add_virtualhost('lists.virtual2.tld', 'mail.virtual2.tld')
>>add_virtualhost('lists.virtual3.tld', 'mail.virtual3.tld')
>>-----< cut here <-----------------------
>>lists.*.tld and mail.*.tld may be the same host. That depends on your
>> setup.
>>hjb :-?

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